Overview of services running on Port 9100 UDP.
~52 Thousand IP addresses observed from May to December 2012
To get raw lists of the data go to Download. For an explanation of what this data is and how it was obtained, see Paper.

Servicename Product Version Count Percent
no match-/--/-3900574.614
mdnsLexmark Pro700 Series printer mdns1320.253
mdnsLexmark T650 printer mdns1060.203
mdnsLexmark Pro900 Series printer mdns1000.191
zabbixZabbix Monitoring System920.176
mdnsLexmark T640 printer mdns840.161
mdnsLexmark S300 Series printer mdns800.153
mdnsLexmark E260dn printer mdns750.143
mdnsLexmark S400 Series printer mdns580.111
mdnsLexmark C544 printer mdns560.107
mdnsLexmark E460dn printer mdns530.101
mdnsLexmark E360dn printer mdns530.101
mdnsLexmark T650 (2) printer mdns520.099
mdnsLexmark Pro800 Series printer mdns520.099
mdnsLexmark X544 printer mdns440.084
mdnsLexmark C543 printer mdns430.082
mdnsLexmark 3600-4600 Series printer mdns430.082
mdnsLexmark T652 printer mdns400.077
mdnsLexmark T650 (3) printer mdns380.073
dominoconsoleLotus Domino Console380.073
mdnsLexmark S600 Series printer mdns340.065
mdnsLexmark Pro200 Series printer mdns340.065
mdnsLexmark T650 (4) printer mdns330.063
mdnsLexmark T644 printer mdns320.061
mdnsLexmark T640 (2) printer mdns310.059
mdnsLexmark S500 Series printer mdns310.059
mdnsLexmark C534 printer mdns270.052
mdnsLexmark X464de printer mdns260.05
mdnsLexmark T642 printer mdns260.05
mdnsLexmark T640 (3) printer mdns260.05
mdnsLexmark 5600-6600 Series printer mdns260.05
hbn3Lexmark S300-S400 Series HBN3250.048
mdnsLexmark T654 printer mdns230.044
mdnsLexmark C736 printer mdns230.044
mdnsLexmark 3500-4500 Series printer mdns230.044
mdnsLexmark C540 printer mdns200.038
mdnsLexmark 4900 Series printer mdns200.038
mdnsLexmark T650 (5) printer mdns190.036
mdnsLexmark T640 (4) printer mdns180.034
mdnsLexmark S800 Series printer mdns180.034
mdnsLexmark X646e printer mdns170.033
mdnsLexmark E460dn (2) printer mdns170.033
mdnsLexmark 7600 Series printer mdns170.033
mdnsLexmark C734 printer mdns160.031
mdnsLexmark T650 (6) printer mdns150.029