All data collected during the Internet Census 2012 is available for download via BitTorrent. It is released into public domain so everybody can use it for any purpose. For an explanation of what this data is and how it was obtained, see Paper.

The full download is 568GB large. The data is segmented and organized into folders and subfolders, so you may just choose the files you need and don't have to download everything. The data is tab separated, ordered by IP and timestamp. The torrent also contains an offline version of this website and tab separated lists of the data which can be browsed in the service probe overview section, in the Hilbert Browser and in the reverse DNS overview.

The data is compressed using ZPAQ 1.10, which is default in Debian and Ubuntu. It was found to have the smallest filesize, although it comes at the cost of very high cpu usage. Python code to distribute decompression workload across LAN computers is part of the code pack. Decompressing all data results in 9TB of raw logfiles, but this code can also be used to recompress the data into gzip files. The gziped dataset should be ~1.5TB.

Download torrent file (6MB)

The tables below show a small sample of every dataset as well as the number of records and the compressed and decompressed size.

52 Billion records
81.8GB ZPAQ > 1.8 TB unpacked
Result times in 10uS
IP Timestamp Result, 24205 Type: 11,ICMP Time Exceeded, from Error: 13,ICMP Unreachable (Communication Administratively Prohibited), from

Reverse DNS
10.5 Billion records
16.3GB ZPAQ > 366GB unpacked
Error codes as in libevent evdns.h
IP Timestamp Result

180 Billion records
374.5GB ZPAQ > 5.5TB unpacked
States: 1:Open ; 2:Open/Reset ; 3:Open/Timeout ; 4:Closed/Reset ; 5:Timeout
All results are encoded as quoted printable
For details on this states see service probe overview
IP Timestamp State Result

19.5 Billion records
27.9GB ZPAQ > 771GB unpacked
Reason was only reported for some IPs.
IP Timestamp State Reason (0.32s latency).

2.8 Billion records for 660 Million IPs and 71 Billion ports tested.
63.5GB ZPAQ > 435GB unpacked
IP Timestamp State Reason Tcp/Udp Ports,21,22,23,25,53,80,110,111,135,139,143,993,995,1723,3306,3389,5900,8080,21,22,23,25,53,80,110,111,143,443,993,995,1723,3306,3389,5900,8080

TCP IP Fingerprints
80 Million records
1.3GB ZPAQ > 50GB unpacked
These fingerprints use the original Nmap format, except that newlines were replaced by ",".
IP Timestamp Result SCAN(V=6.01%E=4%D=8/31%OT=80%CT=22%CU=30953%PV=N%DS=11%DC=I%G=N%TM=5040A3D6%P=mipsel-openwrt-linux-gnu),SEQ(CI=I),ECN(R=N),T1(R=N)T2(R=N),T3(R=N),T4(R=N),T5(R=Y%DF=N%T=FA%W=0%S=Z%A=S+%F=AR%O=%RD=0%Q=),T6(R=Y%DF=N%T=FA%W=0%S=A%A=Z%F=R%O=%RD=0%Q=),T7(R=Y%DF=N%T=FA%W=0%S=Z%A=S%F=AR%O=%RD=0%Q=),U1(R=Y%DF=N%T=FA%IPL=38%UN=0%RIPL=G%RID=G%RIPCK=G%RUCK=G%RUD=G),IE(R=Y%DFI=N%T=FA%CD=S)

IP ID Sequence
75 Million records
155MB ZPAQ > 2.7GB unpacked
IP Timestamp Result zeros server or unknown class

68 Million records
1.9GB ZPAQ > 18GB unpacked
Results are formated as ID:IP:Time,Time,Time;ID:IP:..
Timestamp Source IP Target IP ICMP/UDP Result
1340158500189.81.25.24974.46.163.136icmp 1:,30ms,*;2:,30ms,30ms; 3:,30ms,30ms;4:,50ms,40ms; 5:,60ms,70ms;6:,160ms,*; 7:,190ms,170ms;8:,180ms,170ms; 9:*,190ms,170ms;10:,200ms,160ms; 11:*,180ms,210ms;12:,190ms,190ms; 13:*,200ms,200ms;14:,230ms,220ms;
1340158500189.81.25.24929.103.138.84icmp 1:,30ms,30ms;2:,30ms,30ms; 3:,30ms,30ms;4::*,*,*; 5::*,*,*;

Statistics on how many probes were stored per hour. This gives an overview of the timeframe in which the data was collected. Scale is records/hour
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