Overview of services running on Port 6012 TCP.
~18 Thousand IP addresses observed from May to December 2012
To get raw lists of the data go to Download. For an explanation of what this data is and how it was obtained, see Paper.

Servicename Product Version InfoOSDevicetypeCount Percent
telnetCisco telnetdIOSrouter450124.663
ircDancer ircd370720.312
chatAIM or ICQ server15718.608
no match11446.268
X11access deniedUnix5663.101
irc-proxyShroudBNC irc-proxy1.1 revision 3713982.181
vncVNCprotocol 3.82171.189
httpMicrosoft IIS httpd1891.036
ncacn_httpMicrosoft Windows RPC over HTTP1.0Windows1340.734
vncVNCprotocol 3.61190.652
httpMicrosoft HTTPAPI httpd2.0SSDP/UPnPWindows1160.636
sshprotocol 1.5830.455
vncprotocol 3720.395
X11access denied630.345
httpBoa HTTPd0.94.14rc21390.214
ftpMicrosoft ftpdWindows320.175
vncVNCprotocol 3.7300.164
telnetthe BCC terminal server210.115
sshOpenSSH4.3protocol 2.0200.11