Overview of services running on Port 6002 TCP.
~135 Thousand IP addresses observed from May to December 2012
To get raw lists of the data go to Download. For an explanation of what this data is and how it was obtained, see Paper.

Servicename Product Version InfoOSDevicetypeCount Percent
ncacn_httpMicrosoft Windows RPC over HTTP1.0Windows5081637.395
telnetCisco telnetdIOSrouter2981021.937
X11access deniedUnix93866.907
ircDancer ircd35012.576
no match31012.282
chatAIM or ICQ server14501.067
X11access denied10920.804
chargenxinetd chargenUnix6850.504
vncVNCprotocol 3.84900.361
irc-proxyShroudBNC irc-proxy1.1 revision 3713900.287
httpMicrosoft IIS httpd3690.272
httpMicrosoft HTTPAPI httpd2.0SSDP/UPnPWindows2090.154
vncVNCprotocol 3.61700.125
irc-proxyShroudBNC irc-proxy1.2 revision 10801190.088
vncprotocol 3920.068
sshprotocol 1.5780.057
httpBoa HTTPd0.94.14rc21730.054
napsterWinMX or Lopster Napster P2P client720.053
X11NetSarang XManagerWindows600.044
ftpMicrosoft ftpdWindows520.038
sshOpenSSH4.3protocol 2.0410.03
vncRealVNC Personalprotocol 4.0350.026
vncRealVNC Enterpriseprotocol 4.1350.026
arcserveARCserve Discovery340.025
telnetLinux telnetdLinux280.021
httpBoa HTTPd0.93.15280.021
telnetWanMa Network, ****260.019
telnetthe BCC terminal server240.018
remotingMS .NET Remoting services240.018
telnetUsually a Cisco/3com switchIOSswitch210.015