Overview of services running on Port 5353 UDP.
~676 Thousand IP addresses observed from May to December 2012
To get raw lists of the data go to Download. For an explanation of what this data is and how it was obtained, see Paper.

Servicename Product Count Percent
mdnsDNS-based service discovery57480984.939
no match-/-8133512.019
mdnsLexmark T640 printer mdns2770.041
mdnsLexmark T650 printer mdns2270.034
mdnsLexmark E260dn printer mdns2200.033
mdnsLexmark E460dn printer mdns1950.029
mdnsLexmark C544 printer mdns1860.027
mdnsLexmark E360dn printer mdns1510.022
mdnsLexmark T640 (2) printer mdns1490.022
mdnsLexmark C543 printer mdns1430.021
mdnsLexmark X544 printer mdns1360.02
mdnsLexmark Pro700 Series printer mdns1360.02
mdnsLexmark Pro900 Series printer mdns1280.019
mdnsLexmark T652 printer mdns1160.017
mdnsLexmark T650 (2) printer mdns1110.016
mdnsLexmark T640 (3) printer mdns1030.015
mdnsLexmark X464de printer mdns1000.015
mdnsLexmark C540 printer mdns980.014
mdnsLexmark T644 printer mdns900.013
mdnsLexmark S300 Series printer mdns800.012
mdnsLexmark C534 printer mdns760.011
mdnsLexmark T654 printer mdns660.01
dominoconsoleLotus Domino Console660.01
mdnsLexmark T650 (3) printer mdns630.009
mdnsLexmark S400 Series printer mdns630.009
mdnsLexmark E460dn (2) printer mdns590.009
mdnsLexmark X734de printer mdns570.008
mdnsLexmark T642 printer mdns570.008
mdnsLexmark C734 printer mdns560.008
mdnsLexmark 3600-4600 Series printer mdns530.008
mdnsLexmark Pro800 Series printer mdns500.007
mdnsLexmark Pro200 Series printer mdns490.007
mdnsLexmark C736 printer mdns490.007
mdnsLexmark T640 (4) printer mdns480.007
mdnsLexmark E260dn (2) printer mdns450.007
mdnsLexmark C782 printer mdns440.007
mdnsLexmark X656de printer mdns430.006
mdnsLexmark T650 (4) printer mdns430.006
mdnsLexmark X463de printer mdns400.006
mdnsLexmark E450dn printer mdns390.006
mdnsLexmark T640 (5) printer mdns380.006
mdnsLexmark X464de (2) printer mdns370.005
mdnsLexmark S600 Series printer mdns360.005
mdnsLexmark X466de printer mdns350.005
mdnsLexmark X736de printer mdns340.005
hbn3Lexmark S300-S400 Series HBN3340.005
mdnsLexmark E360dn (2) printer mdns330.005
mdnsLexmark T640 (6) printer mdns320.005
mdnsLexmark X543 printer mdns300.004
mdnsLexmark T652 (2) printer mdns300.004
mdnsLexmark 3500-4500 Series printer mdns300.004
mdnsLexmark S500 Series printer mdns280.004
mdnsLexmark 5600-6600 Series printer mdns280.004
mdnsLexmark T650 (5) printer mdns270.004
mdnsLexmark 4900 Series printer mdns240.004
mdnsLexmark X658de printer mdns230.003
mdnsLexmark X646e printer mdns230.003
mdnsLexmark T656 printer mdns230.003
mdnsLexmark C792 printer mdns230.003
mdnsLexmark X464de (3) printer mdns220.003
mdnsLexmark C935 printer mdns220.003
mdnsLexmark C544 (2) printer mdns220.003
mdnsLexmark X738de printer mdns210.003
mdnsLexmark X544 (2) printer mdns210.003
mdnsLexmark T640 (8) printer mdns210.003
mdnsLexmark X642e printer mdns190.003
mdnsLexmark E460dn (3) printer mdns190.003
mdnsLexmark T650 (6) printer mdns180.003
mdnsLexmark T644 (3) printer mdns180.003
mdnsLexmark T644 (2) printer mdns180.003
mdnsLexmark T640 (7) printer mdns180.003
mdnsLexmark E260dn (3) printer mdns180.003
mdnsLexmark T640 (9) printer mdns170.003
mdnsLexmark E462dtn printer mdns170.003
mdnsLexmark X652de printer mdns160.002
mdnsLexmark X644e printer mdns160.002
mdnsLexmark S800 Series printer mdns160.002
mdnsLexmark 7600 Series printer mdns160.002
mdnsLexmark T652 (3) printer mdns150.002
mdnsLexmark E360dn (3) printer mdns150.002
mdnsLexmark C543 (2) printer mdns150.002
mdnsLexmark X546 printer mdns140.002
mdnsLexmark C780 printer mdns140.002
mdnsLexmark X464de (4) printer mdns130.002
mdnsLexmark T654 (2) printer mdns130.002
mdnsLexmark T650 (7) printer mdns130.002
mdnsLexmark T644 (4) printer mdns130.002
mdnsLexmark T640 (11) printer mdns130.002
mdnsLexmark T640 (10) printer mdns130.002
mdnsLexmark X656de (2) printer mdns120.002
mdnsLexmark X544 (3) printer mdns120.002
mdnsLexmark T656 (2) printer mdns120.002
mdnsLexmark T640 (14) printer mdns120.002
mdnsLexmark T640 (12) printer mdns120.002
mdnsLexmark E460dn (4) printer mdns120.002
mdnsLexmark C950 printer mdns120.002
audioworksAudioWorks sound server120.002
mdnsLexmark X654de printer mdns110.002
mdnsLexmark C534 (2) printer mdns110.002
mdnsLexmark 4800 Series printer mdns110.002
mdnsLexmark X548 printer mdns100.001
mdnsLexmark T642 (2) printer mdns100.001
mdnsLexmark E450dn (2) printer mdns100.001
mdnsLexmark C736 (2) printer mdns100.001
hbn3Lexmark hbn3 (DNS-SD-like configuration)100.001