Overview of services running on Port 1522 TCP.
~11 Thousand IP addresses observed from May to December 2012
To get raw lists of the data go to Download. For an explanation of what this data is and how it was obtained, see Paper.

Servicename Product Version InfoOSDevicetypeCount Percent
ircDancer ircd366732.616
oracle-tnsOracle TNS Listener218319.417
chatAIM or ICQ server154213.715
no match10509.339
httpMicrosoft IIS httpd1591.414
sshOpenSSH4.3protocol 2.01461.299
httpMicrosoft HTTPAPI httpd2.0SSDP/UPnPWindows1191.058
sshprotocol 1.5770.685
sshOpenSSH5.1p1 Debian 5protocol 2.0Linux610.543
sshOpenSSH5.3p1 Debian 3ubuntu7Ubuntu Linux; protocol 2.0Linux550.489
arcserveARCserve Discovery410.365
socks4Connection ok400.356
sshOpenSSH5.3protocol 2.0350.311
ftpMicrosoft ftpdWindows340.302
sshOpenSSH5.5p1 Debian 6+squeeze2protocol 2.0Linux330.294
vncVNCprotocol 3.8310.276
httpBoa HTTPd0.94.14rc21300.267
nntpINN nntpdposting ok260.231
sshOpenSSH5.9p1 Debian 5ubuntu1Ubuntu Linux; protocol 2.0Linux230.205
sshOpenSSH5.9p1-hpn13v11protocol 2.0200.178
sshOpenSSH4.7p1 Debian 8ubuntu3protocol 2.0Linux200.178
oracleOracle Database200.178